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Some people think that nothing can ruin a true friendship (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

In friendship, there is the hardest thing to understand how it arises between people. Is there something that can damage it? Some people think that true friendship is a really strong relationship and nothing can ruin it, whereas others consider that everything can be broken and friendship is not an exception.

I tend to agree with the first opinion. Firstly, even if there are some misunderstandings or disagreements between friends, they will deal with it anyway, because real friends know how to find an approach to each other. Secondly, if your friend is telling you a bitter truth which can hurt, you will not offend at him. Real friends are always honest with each other. The sad truth is better than a lie that may cause worse consequences.

However, there exists another point of view on this issue. For example, friends can be separated because of different life decisions, maybe in choosing universities, companies or cities to study, work and live in.

In circumstances when friends are being in new places, they can simply forget about each other, find new acquaintances. After all, now they are no longer next to each other.

I cannot agree with this opinion because true friends will find some free time to communicate and the distance is not the problem. If they are in another cities or countries they also can use chatting in some apps or use skype.

In conclusion, I want to say that sometimes it is hard to maintain relationships with friends, but everyone should try not to let silly incidents destroy their friendship.


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