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Some people think that you can have one true friend example (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

There are people who claim that there are only one true friend. Also there are people who state differently.

In my opinion, a person can have many true friends. First of all, people are very social and cannot live without communicating with friends. Without communication no one can live longer than twenty days. Secondly, people acquire new interests and hobbies throughout life. For example, it was interesting for you to play with someone in the sandbox, but later your interests changed. Finally, people develop and meet new people, get to know them. They meet new people while looking for a job, or graduating from school.

However, there are people who state that people are very different and it would be very hard for them to find true friend, because their interests and character is very different.


there are a lot of people in the world who are ashamed of their emotions and hide their character. It takes a very long time for such people to start trusting.

And yet, I completely disagree with the opinion mentioned above. To begin with, according to statistics, there are at least ten people, who will have same lifestyle, interests, and you will feel comfortable with them. Besides, in order for shy people to feel calm with someone, they need to communicate for a long time and trust each other. That is a matter of time.

To sum up, people can have lots of good friends. It helps them to feel much comfortable.


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