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Writing. Story about... \ IRREGULAR VERBS \ Past tenses (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

- Hi, Jimmy! Why weren`t you at school yesterday?

- Oh… I had some problems…

- Whats app? Sorry, if you want to kept secrets… But I`m worried about you.

- Okay… Yesterday, I was cooking breakfast, when I saw a very big bee. It was so big, I thought, it didn`t fly. It swam in a room! I was cutting an orange, when it began. I felt really scared, threw a knife and fell on the floor. I fell unconscious.

I slept. When I woke up, I lay some time and thought about my awful life. Then, I got up, looked about and understood the monster disappeared.

But I hurt my finger.

I rang my mum and asked what I should do. She was working and she couldn`t help me, so she said I had to visit a doctor.

I never drove a car, because I was so lazy for studying at auto-school. And I lent all my pocket money my friend. I didn`t hate him, but I didn`t like him. It`s not the same. And I couldn`t go to the hospital by bus. I couldn`t walk, because I had to go over seven kilometers. So I laid on the bed and thought about my awful life again.

I was thinking about different people, which I met in my life, when I heard a call on the door. Friend came and brought money, which he borrowed from me three month ago. At first, I was angry, but then I forgave him. Besides, he brought cakes, which he made at home. And he gave me a postcard, which he wrote. I read sweet poems and took my phone. I looked at the date and found a message from my mum. She typed ‘’Happy birthday, dear Jimmy! You grew and I`m proud of you! Mum.’’

I forgot about my birthday… But he didn`t! I looked on my friend. He was happy and honest. I said ‘’Thank you’’. We hugged and left my house. We went to the hospital, when doctor gave me a recipe. Then we left the hospital. We sat on the grass. We ate cakes, made jokes, told stories, laughed and smiled. and went to the attraction`s park.

It was the best day of my life! And I think, we founded a good friendship!

- Oh… Yesterday was your Birthday? Happy Birthday, Jimmy!

- Thank you, Kelly. Let`s go to the classroom.


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