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На тему I hold the view that books are always needed to read (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Besides, it is natural for a person to have family ties since childhood, inasmuch as he is brought up and educated in it. Consequently, the person does not change his values as he grows older and considers family as the most important thing all his life. Job gives money, friends provide support, and personal ambition brings feeling of self-fulfillment.

Nevertheless, I disagree with this point of view. Of course, there are lots of values that are worth paying attention to, although no job, no friends, no personal ambition are there for you in absolutely any situation. That is why I think that family is way more significant.Firstly, Internet users can download music, movies and read books. The Web is the biggest platform for leisure.Finally, the Internet can be used not only for fun but for studying and working. Remote education becomes really popular.

your opinion & supporting ideas highlighted in blue should go in ONE stand-alone paragraph! This would be penalized on K2 for structure.Remote education becomes really popular.Secondly, even if you can buy all the material things and goods that you want, they will not be able to support you when you are in trouble, they will not bring you some medicine when you will be old or ill.

Expensive cars and houses will not make you happy, if you are lonely.The reason is that they can allow themselves everything they want.

I do not agree with the opposing opinion, because money cannot give you close friends or true love. I believe it is more valuable than new gadgets or a car.


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