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I hold the view that books are always needed to read (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

I hold the view that books are always needed to read.Also, reading different books, especially school literature.While this season is only for rest and different activities such as walking, swimming, playing games, but not for reading. If they can use the Internet correctly, it will never become time eater for them.They think that you can have many close friends at school, at work, or in interest clubs, because you have much in common, you become real friend.

However, I am afraid I cannot agree with that idea. You stop communicating when you change interests. It is inconvenient because everyone reads at different speeds, so people prefer to buy or download books.Firstly, you can find all books that you need on the Internet. It is far preferable to going to a library because you do not have to spend your time on the road. Moreover, public libraries lend you a book for a limited period of time.

It is inconvenient because everyone reads at different speeds so people prefer to buy or download books.Besides, a library is a very good place to study as it is a quietly location and it provides you with all the necessary information here.

There is a great deal of truth in what the opponents say. irst of all, person’s relatives like no one else always assist, stand by and care of him. I am sure that it is vital to have family support in case of difficult situation. Besides, it is natural for a person to have family ties since childhood, inasmuch as he is brought up and educated in it. Consequently, the person does not change his values as he grows older and considers family as the most important thing all his life.


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