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Teenagers should be allowed to read whatever books they like (new example) (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)





There is no denying that reading is one of the best sources of knowledge as well as entertainment. Yet when talking about young people comes the question of weather they should pick and choose any books they like. Some people claim that teens should be permitted to read any type of literature they please. Others believe that young people should not read whatever they see fit.

Personally, I think that people in their youth should not read any books that they like. Firstly, young people have a lack of judgment, because they are not as experienced as adults and cannot tell what is good or potentially harmful for them. Secondly, reading books is a way to form one's views on life and culturally aware, be educated, which can only be done if you read the right types of books, it is easier to read inappropriate romance novels than it is to read history and science books, and it is not hard to imagine what teenagers would choose to read at all times if they were allowed.

However, some people say that teens should be permitted to read whatever they see fit.

They say that young adults are old enough to make decisions that will impact them in the long run. If teenagers read any books they like, they will be more interested in reading as a whole and as a result will choose more educational books later on, because they gravitate towards reading as a whole.

I respectfully disagree with the idea above. If young people are allowed to choose books they see fit, then they will read what seems most interesting and not what is best for them in the long run, only adults can truly influence their children's education and pick the right books, because teens may not even know the existence of quality literature.

All in all, there are two points of view on the matter of teenagers being allowed to read whatever books they like. I am strongly convinced that they should be guided by their elders, because even though they are getting closer to adulthood, they still may not know what is best for them and their future.


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