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Some people think that cars should be banned from the centers of big cities. What is your opinion? (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Nowadays the amount of private cars has increased greatly. Therefore, people have faced a lot of environmental problems. Some people claim that the centers of big cities should be closed to cars, while others argue that people should be given a freedom in driving. In this essay I will express my point of view on this issue.

In my opinion, people should be forbidden from driving in the city centers.

Firstly, because of the cars’ exhaust fuels the air is getting dirtier. Air pollution is dangerous for people, animals and even plants. Secondly, the level of noise is also getting higher. For example, big cars like Hammers with diesel engine are very loud. Last but not least, by reducing the number of cars in the streets government can save a huge amount of petrol, which is a very expensive mineral.

However, other people think that the centers of big cities should be opened to cars. It is said that a large group of people live and work in this area not in the country side. For them it is much easier and convenient to use cars as a transport. What is more, if we ban the use of cars in the city centers, cars which are owned by the city inhabitants will be useless and eventually people must sell them because this can harm them financially.

Despite these arguments, I still think that cars shouldn’t be in the city centers. Talking about public transport, it has developed a lot. These days it is very comfortable and fast. Furthermore, it is a fact that public transport is cheaper than private cars, so there isn’t any need to buy a car.

All things considered, although for some people it is much more convenient to use their own cars, exactly this mean of transport is damaging the environment. Even in the city center we should think about people’s health and the ecological situation.


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