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Some people enjoy living in big cities whereas others find such a lifestyle really harmful (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Some people enjoy living in big cities whereas others find such a lifestyle really harmful.

Personally, I think it is true. To begin with, people are used to live in cities where they are always available to gain what they need and want. It is a well-known fact that there is a wide variety of shops and big malls offering something from clothes to hardware tools in modernized cities. Furthermore, living in the city you have a great opportunity to get career promotions and study too. It is a good idea to choose cities where you will be provided with the most suitable and apparently profitable jobs because of equipments and technology reaching a new skilled level. Finally, it is very comfortable to use different kinds of transport from public bussed to own cars and in a matter of minutes you are there you want to get to.

You could always commute to a working place if even you live for enjoy away from work.

Some people are sure that living in big cities as a bit irritating due to spreading crowds of people everywhere distracting from finding harmony or enjoying town sights. You rarely have a chance to gain complacency and relived mood and feelings from walking through spectacular streets of your town. What is more, being in cities you never are completely healthy because of dirty air and not always fresh and higher level of product which you consume every day. If you try to live in a village you will be sure that your body will become better and stronger because of a really healthy place with properly naturally grown plants, herbs, vegetables and fruit.

I partly agree with the opinion but I do not consider that streets in cities are daily noisy and crowded because residents manage to guarantee safe and calm leisure time for tourists and themselves too. Moreover, nowadays manufactures aim to offer the best level of product and purchase from very rich fields and plantations. They are supplied useable goods sensible diet.

Summing up, I would like to say that living in cities have many more benefits than disadvantages so people intend to inhabit cities because it is a confidently good option for their future lives.


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