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Young people like travelling more than senior citizens, do not they? (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Nowadays taking trips to different places is increasing in popularity. Some people believe that traveling is more loved by youth, while others consider that senior citizens are into having journeys, until adolescents are interested in other things.

As far as I am concerned, youth is the best time for exploring the world. Firstly, people of this age are more strong and healthy than old, and they are interested in everything. Travels are not exceptions. Young people just want to get from life more than it is possible and the best way to do it is exploring all the Earth from South to North poles. Secondly, it has become a fashion tendency (which is not loved by pensioners as all fashion things) to make photos in different places and upload them in the Internet, scientists say, that more than seventy percent of the Instagram materials are photos of travelers.

It is like a kind of competition for taking the largest amount of photos from all over the world.

However, there is an another point of view, someone says that youth should worry about their future families, education, jobs and so on, while old people have no obligations and can live for themselves.

Despite my respect to this opinion I am strongly believe that old people usually too lazy for travellings, while young – always ready for them. Also I think there cannot be any problems in connecting education or making family with travels.

All things considered, I want to say that travels are made to make primarily young people happier.


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