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School is not the only way to study (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

We often associate school with a spoiled childhood. It is a quite difficult time for everyone with lots of homework, exacting teachers and unfriendly classmates.

Our world, especially modern, shows us lots of opportunities. Each way of studying has some benefits and disadvantages. To start with, the internet offers limitless possibilities. You can find there anything you need from video-lessons to web-sites and electronic books to study. That is really convenient because of its simplicity in use and availability at any time.

Moreover, almost each of us has an opportunity to take classes or attend various courses. Although that is the effective and productive way to study, the shortcoming is that sometimes it can be really expensive.

Another way to learn something new is just staying at home and being taught by parents.

That is the cheapest version but I do not think that all parents are good at teaching as graduated teachers have more chance to get a good result.

All in all, it must always be child’s decision where to study. Parents should just offer the full range of possibilities and describe all the advantages and disadvantages of each of them. And certainly, school is anyway the most common, popular and classic way for now.

As for what parents should do, is to support children in every situation. Edison’s mother from the text given to me above had not lost faith in her son. Instead of disappointing him, she gave him reason to believe in himself. That was the only thing he needed to become a great person and one of the cleverest people in the world.


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