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«Should Russian students abroad live on or off campus?» (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

When you grow up, when you are seventeen, you think about the future more serious. For example, in my dreams my excellent future life is always connected with excellent education. My parents have offered me to go abroad and enter any British university. They are sure in my abilities. Besides, our family is not short of money.

However, I know that many Russian students abroad face the problem. They have to choose between two options: living on or off campus. Being a student of the first year, I would be guaranteed an accommodation on campus.

I’ve searched the problem carefully and realized that there are some pros and cons in living on campus.

Some students would like to live on campus because of different reasons.

Firstly, it saves time as the accommodation is close to the university. Then, the campus is usually protected by securities. Furthermore, it is more convenient to meet your fellow students on campus than anywhere in the city. And, of course, it’s necessary to think about money sometimes. Living on campus is cheaper than to rent a flat or a room. Apparently, you won’t be responsible for different bills.

But some other students try to avoid living on campus. They complain that they have to share the room with people of different countries with different habits, customs and traditions. They recognize it is not very pleasant. I must admit that it can be noisy. Besides, some people abroad feel lonely, because they miss their relatives and friends. But constant companionship on campus cannot replace them.

Well, there are a lot of opinions on this problem. However, one by one I must make a decision. Where should I live? In spite of many pros living on campus I prefer freedom. I hate strict rules and like loud music. To my mind even open –minded people need a bit of private space to feel happy. I can stay in touch with my fellow students without sharing a bathroom. It is unsanitary, so to speak.

To end up my controversy I must say it is only your own business to choose where to live abroad: on or off university campus. One piece of advice more: Do not dishonor our country wherever you live.


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