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Dialogue in English (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Hey, Ler. Why are you so pensive? Something is wrong?

Thanks to God everything is okay. recently, I watched a movie about the city of the future and became a little preoccupied. Do you think that in 50 years everything will be as it is shown in the films? Or will something be completely different?

well, in fact, I have never thought about it, but I consider this topic is quite interesting. In my opinion, it will be logical that the size of cities will increase, because the number of people become more and more every year.

Not surprisingly, the architecture of cities will change too. The development of technologies will be completely different, with the new styles, forms and materials.

I'm sure that the variability of buildings will be huge, and everyone can live where they want. And what about transport?

Now there is a big struggle for nature, especially for untouched areas. now our world do everything to reduce the amount of pollution. That's why, it seems to me, that people will have the opportunity to purchase a fully ecological vehicle in 50 years.

Haha, but, unfortunately, the problem with traffic will not be solved completely. There are a lot of people, but flying machines will not be invented soon. Even if people fly by planes and cars, there will be traffic jams in the airspace too. But I'm not sure that this can be next 70-80 years.

But, even in spite of the fact that can be a complete ecological transport, the problems with ecology will not disappear completely. Maybe pollution will stop, due to the development of various technologies that do not require resources polluting the environment when someone uses it . But not for a long time.

Yes, I completely agree with you. nature is playing an important role in fight against pollution, That's why, I think, people will start creating more parks and squares to increase the amount of vegetation. Because, it helps to make the air cleaner. By the way, the problem of ecology was touched by the directors of the film that I told you about. You should watch it.

Oh. Of course! I'll see it, maybe this film will push me to new ideas, and we can discuss it again


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