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Dialogue about cinema (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

- Hi! Is your tomorrow evening free?

- Hi! Yes, but what’s the matter?

- I’m going to the cinema at 7 pm. It’s Martian. Would you like to join me?

- Hmm, I think it’s a good idea because I haven’t gone to the cinema for ages. But are there any other interesting films on?

- Oh, I don’t know. I‘ve been waiting for this one. I believe it’ll be great. There’s this cool cast, with Matt Demon starring. Besides, I like fast-moving films. And sci-fi films about the future.

- Well, I see. I took a liking to watching different genres of films but what really attracts me in a film is exciting special effects. I’m not a great fan of science fiction though. Sometimes it’s too difficult to understand the science information.

- I can agree with the last point of yours.

But I usually go to such films just to enjoy it and to relax. It doesn’t mean that I will think over every chemical reaction or physics experiment.

- Ok, you’ve convinced me. I’ll join you for the Martian. But later I suggest watching the Captain America film. Civil War.

- Well. Why not. Though I’m not a fan of Avengers. I don’t like super heroes who are indestructible, always save the world and stay alive. It gets predictable and seems funny a bit.

- In some cases I can agree with you. But this new film is said to be very serious and not as facetious as the previous ones. Plus there will be some new characters introduced, such as Spiderman, Black Panther and Ant-man. I hope it’ll be dynamic and gripping, too.

- Hmm, you got my interest there. I promise to join you. But, it is due just in several months! A long time to wait. So, let’s get together in my place with several other people to have a film marathon, what do you think?

- Wow! I’m game! It’s such a cool idea! We haven’t done it for ages! What about some old stories? For instance, Gone with the Wind to start with? I know, you like this film.

- Yeah, very much. I love this story because it’s about true love and real life without any embellishes. I can watch Gone with the Wind infinitely many times.

- I second you there. I believe nobody will be against it. Well. What other film genres do you like, besides drama and science fiction?

- In fact, I don’t like drama; Gone with the Wind is just a historical film, ok, maybe with a little drama in it. I’ve also taken a liking to any fiction, not only science, thrillers and comedies.

- Same here. I also like historical movies. Sometimes they can be rather useful for educational purposes. Ok. So, when do we meet at your place?

- Hmm, I think on Saturday at 4 pm. I hope it’s convenient for everyone.

- Ok. Do we go to the cinema tomorrow?

- Yes, if you agree. Let’s meet at the entrance to the theatre.

- Good. See you tomorrow then.

- Bye, see ya=)


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