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Peter started to play football because … (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Peter started to play football because …


his father made him do this.


he was raised in a football family.


it was the only choice of sports at his high school.

: Hello everyone and welcome to our Saturday night show. Today I am happy to present a well known football player Peter summands. Hello Peter hello.

: Thank you for inviting me. It is good to be here.

: Well Peter you've had quite a career as a football player. How many years have you been playing the sport.

: Fifteen years. I started in year nine and played all through high school university and then as a professional that's incredible.

: But going back to Year Nine tell us how it all started.

: Well I didn't really have a choice whether to play or not since my father is a football coach high school football was always a part of our family life or weekends we spent on the field watching my dad work with teams play games win tournament's when I was old enough I joined his team as well.

: I see. What was it like being a son of your team's coach. Did he have high standards for you.

: I'd say his standards were even higher for me than for other team members. My dad as a coach in our small town was almost like a president. I had to have the respect and support of the town the parents and the players.

I had to be the best one out there otherwise I wasn't allowed to play. It was something I had to live with and accept and it was hard at times.

: I can only imagine. Did your father advise you to play football at university.

: It was a mutual decision because it was a very natural thing to do. I love the game and was the best player in our area so I joined the university team. It was a lot of pressure playing for one of the best university teams in the country. It was a lot of work a lot of sacrifice but a great time nevertheless.

: So what happened after graduating from university.

: I had a choice to start working as a news reporter since that was my major or continue as a football player.

: I chose the second option. I joined the professional team a week after my graduation and played with them for the next seven years. In those seven years I underwent seven serious surgeries and had three head injuries.

: I have been following your career and have heard of those injuries. It must have been very difficult for your family to watch you in so much pain.

: Yes my wife and my father are the two people who helped me make the decision to leave football behind. They are the most important influences in my life so I listen to them. When I was growing up my father always told me that football is not the only thing in life. There are other things to strive for.

: So what are your plans now. What will be your next passion.

: I want to be with my family more. I want to be a dad for the last two years Ive been hosting my own show about hunting. My parents always taught me to use all that I've learned for the next stage of my life and to be the best I can be in it. So I guess that's what I will be doing with this show now. I have always enjoyed the outdoors so this kind of work suits me well.

: Well I guess we'll be colleagues now Peter. It's great to hear that you found your passion in life again. But let me ask you Do you ever miss football now.

: You know my coach's words on the day we won the national championship were guys dont let this be the most important day of your lives. There are bigger things in life bigger things to enjoy. So I can't even tell you the last time I thought about football. Even professional football I am at a different stage now and life is just as exciting as it was before.

: I am very glad to hear that Peter thank you for sharing your story.


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