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Parents push their children too hard to achieve academically (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Every parent wants his or her child to excel academically and they do their best to help their offspring to achieve great results. Nevertheless, some people believe that parents’ efforts may lead to negative consequences, but others disagree with them.

In my opinion, excessive parental pressure on children can result in defects of kids’ development. First of all, many children who are pressured into excelling by parents may think they are not important or loved unless they get perfect marks. It is scientifically proven that parents’ persistence may lead to a child’ introversion and insularity. Secondly, constant strain on a child might also cause anxiety, especially if a child just cannot do what parents want. This may lead to much more terrible mental diseases.

However, my opponents advocate an absolutely different point of view.

They say that such kind of pressure on children is a perfect way of encouraging pupils to study harder and to achieve greater results. Children may seek to do better to be rewarded by their mothers and fathers.

I am still convinced that excessive influence on kids cannot have a positive effect. Such parental behavior may end in a stress. This stress with addition of academic pressure might affect not only school performance but future life too.

To sum up, parents should treat their children with care and attentiveness. Everyone should take into account that person in his childhood is extremely sensitive and every trifle can have a negative consequence.


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