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Pushing children to achieve robs them of their childhood (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Nowadays anxiety about children`s achievements has become a controversial issue. While the majority of people maintain the idea that forcing youngsters to attain to success might steal their nonage, others are confident in their belief that making juveniles put effort in their occupations does not affect their childhood badly. Let me speculate on this disputable topic.

From my point of view, pushing children to achieve is a remedy for the carefree youth. To begin with, parents often use their children as a tool for fulfilling their own ambitions or making a fortune. As a result, youngsters are not given an opportunity to ride their hobbies. Moreover, making juveniles achieve might result in distorting their idea about real values. For example, if parents inculcate ideas on getting high marks at school, their children might think of education as of something vital and prevent themselves from having a good time with peers.

However, some experts claim that worries about youngsters` accomplishments cannot rob juveniles from their nonage.

They attribute their conviction to the fact that children might enjoy a pursuit of achievements and suggest that their childhood is exciting.

Nevertheless, I disagree with the above-mentioned opinion. Personally, I think that children should spend most of their leisure on communicating to friends and having fun instead of dedicating all their time to making progress in different areas because monotonous work appears to be tiresome.

To conclude, I would like to note that I strongly believe that pushing children to achieve robs their childhood as such forcing often becomes a result of the parents` ambitions and leads to defining their priorities wrongly.


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