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There is no need to go far to make memories. (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)


You can’t guess what comes next in the show.


It’s not bad that the show differs from the book.


The show can suit everyone’s taste.


They say the show is based on real historic episodes.


For me it’s a pity the show doesn’t reflect British history.


For certain reasons the book turned out to be much better than the show.


The show is exciting because of the female roles.

: Now we're ready to start the speaker a I really think The Game of Thrones is the best show ever.

: It has everything in it.

Heartbreaking love stories massive battles true friendship intrigues and what not. Those who like to watch romances will be charmed by some of the episodes and those who prefer or scenes will get enough of them as well. Maybe that's the secret of the popularity of the show as far as I know it's watched in most countries of the world with great pleasure speaker be if you ask my opinion of Game of Thrones.

: I guess the book is so much better than the show. The problem is that Arthur is too slow to rate sequels and the show's makers have to change the screen story because they don't know what will happen with the main characters in the next book. If you haven't read the book the show is okay but for those who have read it the screenplay by HBO play rates isn't the same.

: It's a pity that show can't copy the book speaker see I love Game of Thrones.

: I can't wait for a new episode to come out and I have watched the series five times already I think I love it so much because it's unpredictable. I mean the playwrights do what normally is done in such shows. For instance lots of characters who were supposed to be the main ones get killed or injured. You never know what will happen next and that's so intriguing.

: You just simply can't switch your TV off speaker de.

: I have watched all the episodes of Game of Thrones and I'm looking forward to new ones. The reason I enjoy the show is basically the female characters the male ones are also quite interesting and I kind of follow their fate and make guesses of what will come of them but the female characters are really absorbing such beauty and strong will and power even say the evil queen impresses and fascinates me.

: Let alone the Dragon Queen SpeechGear e I love Game of Thrones has I'm interested in history very much especially in British history. Some people think the world the Western US is an imaginary one but historians say the story is based on some real events of ancient history of great Britain and of some other places too. I like to watch the show and recognize traces of real history in its fantasy world. Besides the costumes are fantastic.

: They must have cost the team a fortune really speaker.

: F I know many people criticize the show Game of Thrones because they think the book is so much better. As for me I think it's bad that the show doesn't follow the plot of the book. It's like having a second reality for the universe originally created by the author. It's a chance to experiment with the characters possibilities and ideas. I enjoy that about the show. I mean spotting the differences in thinking what other changes can be.


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