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It`s easier to make friends than to keep them (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Friendship is an important issue for almost all people. Some of them consider that it is harder to stay friends with somebody for a long time than to find new friends. However, there are people who think differently.

In my opinion, it is really hard to have a strong and long friendship. Firstly, keeping good relationship with old friends takes more efforts than making the new ones. When you meet new people all you should do is to be friendly and kind, but friendship needs trust, responsibility, patience and etc. Secondly, people tend to change during the life, their interests, character change. Therefore, it becomes harder to keep connection with old friends.

All the same, some people consider that it is more simple to stay friends with someone than to find the new ones.

They say that it can take a long time to get close with unknown person, because it can be fearfully to start a conversation with a stranger.

Nevertheless, I would not agree with the opinion above. I think that these people are too shy. Moreover, the Internet is a new and perfect way to make new friends. There are many different communities where you can find people with the same interests.

Taking into conclusion all mentioned above, I would like to say that keeping friends is a long and hard process, but making friends does not take much efforts.


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