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Рассказ «Очень странная история / A very strange tale» на английском языке (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

I'm asked to write about my story named “A very strange tale”. I think, teenagers like me are going to read this. In my narrative I'm going to write about something unusual that happened to me.

Once my friend told me a terrible story about a lost dog. A long time ago, one unfortunate old man was given a puppy for a holiday. A man was incredibly been happy a new friend: now he had someone to take care of. Time passed and the puppy grew into an adult dog. The dog became the guide of the old man and accompanied him on walks around the city. One evening the man together with a dog walked after the working day on the square. Suddenly a stranger abruptly snatched the bag the old man and ran straight into the street.

The brave dog rushed for the robber, immediately fled after the thief. As well as trying to find a missing dog, it still has not been seen. Rumor has it that its spirit is trying to catch up with the criminal in the Park at the present time.

Well, my story happened one year ago. I had been walking through one park every day to get to my lessons. But one day I saw a dog. It was a big black hound with wide and dark eyes. This dog was following me every time I went in the park. Sometimes I even tried to feed this pretty pooch, but she didn't want to eat. After a while, I attached to her. But one night changed everything.

As usually, I was walking in the park at eighteen o'clock. The sky was black, everything around me was in the dark and there were no people. Suddenly I heard a dog barking. I turned back and saw my friend. The dog was standing opposite me. Her eyes were glowing red and she looked pretty angry. I wanted to stroke her but she began to growl. Then she ran after me. I was shocked. I decided to get out of the park. I ran as fast as possible from the dog. Dog barking had been haunting me all the way until the end of the park. I turned around and saw that the dog is gone, had disappeared. In the next day I didn't see this supernatural dog, so I asked the yardman about her. He said after a happening of one dog death he never saw the dogs in this park. Well, after this story, I was terrified and I didn't see this dog anymore. Dog remained a mystery as her story.


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