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On 9th of May we celebrate Victory Day. It is intended to commemorate the end of the Great Patriotic War. As for me, I see the military parade on this day. In addition, Russian government broadcast war films on TV. Well, it’s great that you’re interested in my pass time. Frankly, an ideal weekend for me is spending it with my relatives at home. I like watching TV with them or playing chess. Besides, after lessons in weekdays I’m keen on hanging round the streets with my friends chatting about everything we like. Moreover, I enjoy sport dancing and try to devote all my free time to this hobby.

The most prestigious professions in Russia are engineers, programmers, doctors and lawyers By the way, there are a lot of jobs like copywriting or blogging which can bring a lot of money without a university degree.

By the way, I’ll be happy to know about your favourite books.

What genres do you like? What authors do you prefer? How many adorable books do you have? One friend of mine has a parrot too. As I said my cat is calm so it’s not that difficult to look after him. Well, I think both dogs and cats are the best! I feel that way because you can become a friend with your pet. By the way, how many rooms are there in your house? Do you have your own room? Is it big?

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