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Role of books and their film versions (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Nowadays books and films are closely connected. There is almost no book without its film version. Moreover some film versions are more popular than books. If 100 years ago watching films was a luxury and was available only for really rich people, now it is just common piece of entertainment our society.

My personal view is that books generally are better than their film versions. And I try to read firstly the book before watching the film version. Doing the opposite is disrespect to the author— the creator of the plot and the characters. Futhermore text gives more ways for reader, s imagination than the ready image. I mean, you have an opportunity to think up the appearances of book, s characters and places while in film version all is decided and invented in advance.

Nevertheless, let us consider this question from another angle. A lot of people think that reading books went out of fashion, because we live in information society where technologies play giant role. We used to get information and new knowledge very fast from Internet. Because of it we spend 2 hours watching film instead of thirteen-hour reading. Such method really helps to keep up with other human beings 21 century.

All the same in my opinion such knowledge is shallow and does not develop intellectual skills. In a book a lot of problem can be discussed and the reader unwittingly takes part in this discussion and begins thinking. And film version is just a shadow of original source(book).

In conclusion, I would like to emphasize that tastes differ, but anyway I will always advice people to read rather books.

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