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Public libraries are becoming less popular and they will soon disappear (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Timeliness of public libraries is becoming a controversial issue nowadays. Some people think that public libraries are becoming obsolete, whilst others argue that they are still popular.

In my opinion, public libraries fit into modern society and they will develop in the future. Firstly, public libraries are changing in order to keep up with modern progress. They are being equipped with digital technologies which provide access to a wealth of information. Secondly, many people have neither a home computer nor a home library, whereas public libraries offer free Internet access and books to their visitors. For some people public library is the only free source of books and information they have. Finally, in libraries are retained extremely rare books, newspapers and archives which cannot be read on-line or bought in a bookstore.

Nevertheless, some people believe that public libraries are decreasing in popularity and they will soon be closed.

The reason is that storing and dispensing books have become outdated since almost every person can have access to information through the Internet.

Despite this argument, I cannot agree with this opinion. Public libraries are instilling high esteem of books and they serve as a depository of the global cultural heritage. In contrast with Internet surfing, attending libraries takes an effort to get information, which leads to a deeper understanding and better valuing of it.

In conclusion, although there are different opinions about relevance of public libraries, I am convinced that they will adapt to the contemporary world and will not lose their popularity.


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