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Public libraries are getting less popular and they will soon disappear (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Nowadays, thanks to the technological progress, public libraries are becoming less sought after by people, but is this really so and are they not needed. I want to express my point of view on this matter.

I strongly believe that public libraries will disappear in the near future. First of all, thousands of books can fit in just one electronic device and you can find any author or genre in the Internet. Secondly, going to the library takes too much time and usually you have to wait in a queue to get a book that you want to read. And it is also possible that there will be no the book, that you need.

However there is another opinion. Some people are convinced, that public libraries are important and convenient, because popular books nowadays are quite expensive and borrowing them from the library saves you a lot of money and gives you the feel of a real paper book, which is always satisfactory to hold in your hands.

In spite of my respect for this opinion, I think, that even though books cost much, you can get them on sales or you can ask your friends to lend them to you.

To conclude I want to say, that public libraries were convenient and useful some years ago, the Internet and digital gadgets give us an opportunity to have all the books of the world with us all the time.


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