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Music is something that distracts people from daily routine (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Some people believe that music is a powerful tool which can help you to concentrate on the work. However, others think that it can have a negative effect on human activity. In this essay I would like to express my point of view on this problem.

In my opinion, listening to music is a useful way of concentrating on something. First of all, it helps you to relax. It is very important to feel relaxed before doing something difficult. For example, my friend always listens to rock music before he does his homework. Secondly, experts say that some kinds of music, for instance, classic, improve your cognitive abilities. This way, you become more focused. Thirdly, listening to music, you can catch the inspiration which can provide you with some good ideas how to do your work better.

However, some people might disagree.

In their view, when you listen to music, you concentrate on words, and it distracts you from what you are doing. Moreover, when a song finishes, you need to switch your player to a different one. Spending time on it, you forget about your daily routine.

I cannot agree with the above ideas. There are lots of songs which do not contain any words. They just provide you with a nice melody. Furthermore, you can always loop audio playback. This way, you do not need to switch your player.

To sum up, I have no doubt that music does not distract people from their work but, on the contrary, helps them to concentrate.

I really try to do my best when i was writing this essey. Hope, that it will help you in your preparations to the main exams. See you later)

Good luck!

P.S. Sorry for some grammar and lexical mistakes if there is some, as i said before- ai did my best.

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