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Music is something that distracts people from daily routine. (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

The problem of the influence of music has always aroused heated debates. Some people are convinced that listening to music is a pleasant pastime. However, the others believe that music has a bad affect in our life. Let us speculate what makes them think so.

I cannot agree with this opinion but I think that music has a great impact on people’s lives. Firstly, many teenagers do their homework, listening to music. It helps them to focus on their work and not to hear noise.

Secondly, music calms down and relaxes after daily work. In addition, people forget about their problem and stop to worry. Thirdly, people get an aesthetic pleasure, listening to music. Besides, they become more educated in the field of art.

Some opponents might argue that music influences on feel of people negatively. Lover of music become more aggressive and annoying. They often listen it using headphones, which harm our health.

Nevertheless, I do not support the above-mentioned ideas. One should take into account the fact that majority of people listen a good music, for example, a classic. This kind not only distract from our troubles, but also help us live in harmony with ourselves.

Despite, the arguments of various skeptics, I am convinced that music plays an important role. It affects very positively and adds in our life colorful paint. Because of music, people become happier and confident.

I really try to do my best when i was writing this essey. Hope, that it will help you in your preparations to the main exams. See you later)

Good luck!

P.S. Sorry for some grammar and lexical mistakes if there is some, as i said before- ai did my best.

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