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Cinema in our life (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Cinematography occupies an important place in modern life. Today, cinema has reached the peak of its popularity and has great educational and aesthetic power. Every day there are continuous shooting.

Cinema is one of the youngest arts of our time. It arose at the end of the XIX century, which we owe to the world-famous Lumiere brothers. They were the first in history who managed to make a film. Their famous short film "Arrival of the Train" became a sensation at the time. It is from this event that the progress in cinematography begins to count.

Initially, the films were black and white and mute. The star of the silent movie was Charlie Chaplin, whose name is known to everyone today. Then the cinema acquired a sound, so the musicals became popular.

After a while, the films began to be shot in color. Already at the beginning of the 20th century, people hurried to the cinema with their families for a new one, this happened infrequently, so going to the cinema was a real holiday. By the middle of the century, when television sets appeared, the cinema entered every house. Long time familiar pictures began to appear on TV screens. But the process of filming did not stop, every country filmed their films. When writing the script, books and plays were often used, and so far the screen version of books is in demand in society. The most interesting films were translated into different languages. Film festivals and awards were established, for example, Oscar, Palm Branch, etc. Every year the cinema gained popularity, because it's much easier to spend an hour and a half and see everything with your own eyes than reading books in the evenings.

With the advent of digital cinema technologies, even more improved. The directors started using computer graphics and various special effects. 3D technology turned the notion of cinema, fantasy became like reality. In the modern world, cinema has a great power, it affects the consciousness of a person and his worldview. Cinema is used for educational purposes, for example, documentary and historical films carry in themselves useful information about the world, transmit accumulated knowledge in an accessible language.

I love watching movies, my favorite movie genre is fantasy. Today, fantastic films on the screen look like reality, you seem to fall into the fairy-tale world, you are a part of it. Each film carries a certain morality, I take a lesson from each film. I follow the news of the movie, and the work of the actors. I like to often compare a book and a film. It is very exciting to notice the departure from the text of the book, the divergence of views of the author and the writer.Today the films go out, it will not be an exaggeration to say, every day. Cinematography is full of variety. From a quality movie with a good script to the most incomprehensible and empty filmetsa. The choice for every taste!

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