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Some people think that extreme sports help to build character. (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Nowadays the problem of dangerous and thrilling sports aroused strong debates and emotions. Some people think that they will make you much stronger, while others consider them to be useless. Who is right?

In my opinion, extreme sports are not the best ones. Firstly, they often become the reason of hurts and even deaths. Secondly, you have to obtain expensive equipment to have snowboarding, scuba diving or flying parachute. Finally, these sports will make you be afraid more likely than build your independent character.

However, some people suggest that doing the extreme sports is a great opportunity to become self-possessed and dedicated.

In their point of view, these unusual sports give you scaring and hard conditions that train your mind, soul and body. In addition, choosing one of these risks and fearful activities means that you are not afraid of falling or pains.

Personally, I cannot agree with the opinion above. For instance, if you study the science or doing management work you have to acquire patience and purposefulness as well. Moreover, these sports do not show the confidence and courage. To my mind, these aspects of human nature can be represented with the help of acts of bravery, such as saving someone from the fire or water.

To sum it all up, the question is still open. I strongly believe that extreme sports are just fun. They cannot be the way to improve oneself.

I hope that my point of view is understandable for everybody who has read this text. Thank you for yor attention.

Hope, that my essee helped you with your exams)


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