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Extreme sports help to build character of people (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Firstly, they can likely be damaged badly doing dangerous tricks. They are always in risky situations. They may be successful, but they may not be. Sometimes an accident can ruin everything. This leads to serious consequences. Unfortunately, sometimes it ends in disability or death. Secondly, it is a kind of addiction. Extreme sportsmen are always in search of getting adrenalin. They forget about ordinary life, about their closest and dearest. They think only about themselves and forget that their relatives are very worried about them every time.

At the same time, some people claim that doing risky sports they can build their character. When extreme sportsmen overcome dangerous obstacles they become ready for any difficulties in real life.

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They become more confident and this makes them happy. Through risk, they realize themselves and harden their character strongly.

However, I cannot agree with this opinion. Such people can be professional in doing dangerous tricks, but when they get serious damages they get depressed. Any failure can undermine their self-confidence. And the character that they have developed in themselves for years can collapse in a few minutes. This is not a character building, it is only an appearance, a mirage, temporary feelings of all kinds. They refuse to try again and it seems to them that they will fail. Sometimes, they even refuse to live because they cannot cope with this obstacle.

In conclusion, I would like to note that people who do extreme sports get only adrenalin and it does not help them build character. Moreover, extreme sports are more dangerous than useful. This is temporary luck, emotions and fame.

But it is very important to think not only about yourself, but also about your family.

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