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Studying abroad\ education

"Some people think that it is possible to get good education only at elite boarding schools abroad."

The trend nowadays is towards studying in foreign countries. Nevertheless, there are plenty of people who believe that the key factor in getting exceptional education is a student`s desire, not the way of doing it.

I am inclined to consider that it does not have any sense what type school people choose. Firstly, a place can not influence pupils` abilities. If you have a great faculty for absorbing information, you can educate yourself individually. Secondly, it might be truly difficult to be far away from friends and family for little children. Moreover, there are quite a big amount of excellent schools and splendid teachers in our country.

Although most people would generally agree with my position, a few would assume that the most marvelous idea is to go to study to foreign boarding schools.

They approve of the opinion that some countries have an educational system which is much more sophisticated than in our state. Additionally, they suppose that it is a fantastic way to get a valuable experience of communication with different people.

To a certain extent it is right, but is not there the view that every particular person should choose their own way of getting education taking into consideration all factors such as abilities and financial component? I disagree with the contentions of the opposing opinion.

Taking everything into account, it is possible to become well-educated in the motherland. The most essential thing is to have a passion for studies.


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