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Some people think that the best way to master the language is studying abroad. (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

The question of language learning has been important and unsettling for many decades and nowadays it still arouses the wide concern. Some people consider that language immersion provides students with greater comprehension, while others believe that improving linguistic skills can be reached without leaving a home country.

As far as I am concerned, studying in the native speaking environment is the most profound method of language acquisition.

First of all, while being in a foreign country learners are constantly exposed to real-life conversations, radio and even shop signs in the target language, which makes them aсcustomed to regular practice and restrains from using the native language. Besides, students have to use language in a meaningful way rather than imagining fictional situations. Moreover, learning abroad leads to a high-level awareness of the country's culture and traditions.

However, some people think that language mastery is possible without complete immersion. They say that textbooks and computer programmes allowing to improve linguistic skills are available all around the world. Furthermore, people studying abroad may face considerable problems such as the inability to express oneself and the feeling of the cultural discrepancy.

At the same time, I am sure that language immersion stays the most effective way to reach fluency as it requires overcoming the terror of saying something incorrect in order to get what is needed.

In conclusion, I am unconvinced that achieving great results is easier while being surrounded by native speakers, but everyone can decide for himself and take his own responsibility.


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