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CCTV is becoming more common but some people say it interferes with their right to privacy. (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Nowadays, the question of using CCTV surveillance is getting more and more discussable. Some people think that cameras are not as necessary as many people say. Others have crucially an opposite opinion. Let me observe that problem and express my opinion about it.

In my opinion, the idea of using CCTV is extremely good. Firstly, in public places people can have a sense of safety because these cameras record all things that happening. Secondly, these video cameras can be used as an evidence in the investigation of the crime.

Finally, if the people know that they are being watched and recorded they will not have a keen desire to commit a crime.

However, some people believe that the benefits of CCTV is exaggerated. They claim that such cameras are everywhere and they interfere in the private life of others. Moreover, criminals successfully use CCTV in order to watch the museum or bank that they want to rob.

I understand this opinion, but I totally disagree with it. Firstly, cameras are mainly used in public places and do not interfere with the privacy of people. What is more, modern technologies allow to make CCTV cameras unapproachable to criminals. Consequently, only special workers can use them.

In conclusion, I want to add that modern technologies allow to create new devices that can only improve the life of society. Personally, I believe that CCTV surveillance brings an undeniable benefit to society.

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