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It is common practice to study a foreign language at school in our country. However, many people think that the best way to learn it is to speak with native speakers (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Nowadays, foreign languages are becoming more and more important because this knowledge can be useful in a lot of parts of our life. For this reason, there is the discussion about learning foreign languages. Some people think that people should study them with a local teacher, while others claim that native speakers are the best teachers.

In my opinion, learning foreign languages with a school teacher is not worse than with a native speaker.

To begin with, at the beginning students cannot understand native speaker’s speech. It causes some difficulties and confusions. Secondly, native speakers’ services are usually more expensive. Therefore, not everyone can afford to pay for lessons. Moreover, school teachers have special textbooks which were written specifically for language learning purposes.

However, there is the opinion that the best way to learn languages is with native speakers. Firstly, they know the language perfectly. It means that there are no mistakes, which can be made by local teachers. Secondly, my opponents claim that with native speakers students can listen to impeccable speech and improve listening skills.

I can argue with my opponents. Some school teachers have lived in other countries and also know the language well. Besides, students can watch films and listen to different accents and become able to understand native speech.

To sum up, school teachers should teach students who are beginners. For intermediate and advanced students, native speakers will be perfect teachers.


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