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art is eternal (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

The ancient Roman sages have brought to us the idea that life is short, art is eternal. This winged phrase says that only values &񗜻&񗜻transferred to art will never go away from life. This is clearly visible in architectural buildings. But does this have anything to do with literary sources?

Famous English writer Somerset Maugham noticed a tendency that a literary work lives for several centuries. Former two - three hundred years, bestsellers are no longer readable and are rarely taken from the library shelf. The same thing happened with "Eugene Onegin", at the beginning of the 19th century people from different generations literally read to them.

Now, they get acquainted with him as a work included in the curriculum on the lesson of literature.

Rarely, who from adults will read it anew, and the kids, with pleasure putting it aside, will take on Harry Potter. So, what does this turn out, are literary sources prone to aging before the pyramids and statues? What's the matter?

This is due to the fact that the language of expression of thought changes. He dials new words, throws out old ones from the lexicon. This carries a thread of interconnection, that it is necessary to refuse the old and to master the new one.

There are so-called "perpetual works". For example, "Don Quixote", which was written in the time of Cervantes or "Faust" by Goethe. The fact is that those works are destined for a long life, which have found themes of eternity. They not only talk about love and death, but do not leave the reader indifferent, make him experience with his characters their novels.

The main thing on the threshold of eternity is continuity. It can change the language of one work, from prose go into lyrics, from lyrics to drama. Other authors add something of their own, but the main characters, images remain unchanged.

"Eternal" works are timeless, for them years are not subject to the rule. Art can not exist without the lives of people. It's impossible. Therefore, eternity in art is possible, only in the transfer of a given, loved work, to descendants. The age of people is not long, and the fruits of their creativity and their deeds remain to live on, bearing fruit.

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