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Worthy are people who risk their lives for the sake of others, eternal memory? Here is the problem over which the author reflects. (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Worthy are people who risk their lives for the sake of others, eternal memory? Here is the problem over which the author reflects.

In this text from the Internet, the narrator tells us about the feat of a fearless woman who, during the war, took out many children from the ghetto on her truck. The Germans brutally punished Irina Sandler, but that broken arms and legs, if thousands of lives are saved! After decades, Irina Sandler for her feat was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. All was limited by the extension: the winner of the prestigious award was the author of the slide show on global warming, then the president with his pre-election promises, which he did not fulfill, but not the 90-year-old female heroine! All this caused sarcasm in the author.

The position of a publicist is not difficult to determine: people who have performed a feat are worthy of a high award.

I share the author's point of view: heroes who risk their lives for the sake of others do not seek fame and respect, but they undoubtedly deserve both rewards and memories.

This was repeatedly written by Russian writers and publicists.

Evidence that we remember about people who performed the feat are monuments, sculptures, commemorative coins ... Something in honor of perpetuating is done by the state, and something - at the expense of ordinary people. An example of this is a monument erected in Novgorod in honor of the 500th anniversary of liberation from the Horde sovereignty, funds for the construction of which in 1980 were collected by citizens.

On the Internet there is a site "Eternal memory", in the database of which there is information about the thousands of soldiers who took part in the Great Patriotic War. Many people find there data about missing relatives or they can extract interesting facts about the exploits of Soviet soldiers. Here it is, a memory that has been preserved for decades!

Drawing a conclusion, I want to say that every person who accomplished a feat is worthy to remain in our memory.


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