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The museum (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Interest to the native land has been planted since childhood, telling about the origin of the ancestors, their culture and customs. And this is true, because every man must know his history. For schoolchildren, since we already understand much, unlike small children, it is advisable to conduct excursions around cultural sources, which was done by our teacher. My class was waiting for a boring lecture and showing uninteresting exhibits, but in fact everything turned out completely different.

The museum of my city is in the center. There every week groups of students come with an artistic, musical and, like us, from ordinary schools. In most of its organizer of this cultural event is a history teacher or class teacher. The visit to the museum in our case was connected with the passage of a new topic on history, in other children it was either a great interest in the origins of its roots, or obtaining information about the original appearance of the native city.

In any case, none of the visitors were disappointed.

The excursion began with the greeting of the friendly staff. From these minutes, staying in the museum was brightened by the smile of my classmates. Then we were led to one of the halls, where the objects belonged to our distant great-great-grandfathers. From the story of the guide we learned how to start trying to cultivate the land and how to collect honey. Another pleasant female voice told us about the first dwellings of the ancient Slavs, their occupations and language. Shards of utensils and tools allowed us for a moment to be transferred to many years ago.

Objects of the Middle Ages, located in the next room, pleased with their diversity. These were the first metal products made by blacksmiths of the time. They are better preserved than clay pots and wooden utensils due to the longevity of the material. We were told about the ways of trade and domestic policy of the country in the 15th century, about what clothes the Slavs wore at different times of the year, and what they did in their free time.

Visiting the museum also gave me new information about the nature around, about which birds and animals live here, and which ones are listed in the Red Book. I do not regret the time spent, because the information I heard was very interesting, you will not find it in an ordinary history textbook.


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