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Excursion to the museum (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

I often visit all sorts of museums, I really like this feeling of meeting with the past, you feel like a hero of an old romance and part of a different era. The museums store artifacts, paintings, manuscripts, things and objects that appeared long before us, all this in our time has great cultural and historical value.

There are different kinds of museums. For example, a historical museum that stores information about significant events in history. Ethnographic museum tells about rituals and traditions of different peoples. It contains unique cultural monuments: national costumes, household items, beliefs and folklore, etc. The museum of local lore can acquaint with the past of the native land. Wandering through the halls of the museum, we get acquainted with the past. A very important figure in any museum is a guide, with the help of his story you can compare exhibits and stories, then the picture becomes more complete.

The guide can be asked questions, he always has a timely and detailed question.

One day before the Victory Day, we decided to go to our city museum with the class of the Museum of Military Glory, where an open week was held there. We were greeted by a museum employee, she greeted us and introduced herself, asked us a few questions about the history of the Great Patriotic War, we answered them enthusiastically. She told us that in the museum we will see the heroes of our city, we will hear their history.

When we entered the hall, we seemed to plunge into the past. The room reminded the military headquarters and the archive at the same time, the guide told that they used the surviving letters, photographs, orders, officer's tablets, etc. Everything around was dark, gray, dark blue, khaki and brown. On the walls were many portraits, medals, slogans. The story of the guide impressed us deeply, she told us about the inhabitant of our city, who lost everything during the war, but still did not give up, fighting to the finish. After visiting the museum, we went on for a long time in silence, each of us was thinking about an important feat of the Soviet people, in the eyes of everyone there was grief and gratitude for the peaceful sky given by a valuable thousand lives. Now, none of us will doubt whether it is worth going to the Victory Parade.

I think we should visit museums more often and teach history, because people who do not know their past have no future.

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