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The future begins today (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

The future begins today

Talking about the fact that he lives today, a person does not even think how right he is. Today is the day when everything is possible. Life is not connected with the past, it strives for the future and therefore what we do, where we are going and what we are doing at the moment, depends on whom we will become tomorrow, after a day, a week, a year.

History is written not by yesterday's actions of people, but by what they are doing today. Every moment of our today's life takes its special place in the historical annals. It is quite fair to believe that in human life everything happens exactly when it is needed. This is worth thinking about, because of what decisions a person takes today, it depends on him tomorrow. It is likely that tomorrow will never come, but this does not mean that today a person should abandon any action.

In this regard, do not rely on fate.

Those who trust their lives with a set of accidents do not understand that we are building our own destiny. What our history will be depends not on descendants, but on us. It is people who live in this time and place do great things, make discoveries and mistakes, love and hate. Everything happens as it should happen, but everyone can stop and start the movement anew, continuing to follow the chosen path or changing direction.

It is today that planes take off in the sky, and space shuttles go into space. Today, discoveries are made in various fields of medicine, technology and technology. Today everything is done to wake up and get out of bed tomorrow, a person could hear that cancer and AIDS have won on the planet, a new planet has been discovered in space and a ship has already been sent there, no one is starving, and the wars have stopped.

It is forbidden to postpone business for later. Canceling the trip to the doctor today, tomorrow you can find yourself on the operating table, and deciding to give up walking with a young man, you can forever lose your only love. Today, what we will be like today is solved. Predicting what exactly will happen to a person in the future with 100% accuracy is impossible, but on the basis of his actions you can draw up an approximate scheme for the development of events. Living in today it is necessary to think about tomorrow all the time, throwing back all the experiences that were in the past.


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