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Science is the first thing to be financed today (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

There are two opposite points of view on the science problem. Some people are sure that science is the first thing to be financed today. Others, on the contrary, say that there are more important things in the modern world which demand to be financed.

In my opinion, science is the most valuable part of humankind life, and we should pay attention to it. Firstly, nowadays there are a lot of diseases, and many people die every year from them. Recently the group of scientists healed the patient with the HIV-infection, and it`s the second case for the all history of the science. I think, it`s the great beginning. Secondly, science could help us to know more about our planet and even our universe. Who we are? Where are we from? I think this questions are interesting for everyone.

Besides, if we got new knowledge, we would make new useful inventions and make the world better.

However, many people think that there are more important things than science which must be financed today. Someones say about financial support for the education. But I `m sure that education can`t be better without progress in science. And every day I read news that a lot of money was spent on the construction of new church or on the block of the internet in Russia. I`m frightened of people who support these ideas. I think, science is the first thing we should pay attention today because it could save millions of lives.

In conclusion, I would like to say that science is the first thing which gives us exact knowledge, and every point in science has evidence. I have no doubt that scientific knowledge is the greatest achievement of humankind. So, I would rather agree with the statement that science is the first thing which demands financial support in the modern world.


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