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What needs to be guided in the selection of children's and adolescent literature - this is the question over which M. Dalin ponders. (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

What needs to be guided in the selection of children's and adolescent literature - this is the question over which M. Dalin ponders.

The author says with regret that recently parents buy a child "rotten fiction". The main thing is "simpler and cheaper". And the worst thing is that moms and dads do not understand that their children need to see in the book the surrounding life, familiar realities, and not "anything ...

not abstruse ... just to get off the computer".

M.Dalin's opinion is easy to define. The publicist, reflecting on what to do when choosing a book for a child, agrees with VG Belinsky, who believed that children "... read badly selected books ... worse and more harmful than nothing to read."

It is difficult to disagree with the author's point of view. I think that when visiting a bookstore, moms and dads should remember what they read in childhood, what works they taught and learned in school, and on these books raise their children. I am sure that nobody, who has been loved by us since childhood, "The Adventures of Dunno ...", "Prostokvashino", "Kid and Carlson", will be called "a spiritual sausage made of glue, casein ..."

Even the state came to the aid of the parents. Not long ago the Ministry of Education approved a list of "100 books recommended for extracurricular reading", developed by experienced teachers and scientists of the Academy of Sciences. Buy books, as recommended, and your child will not read "surrogate".

In Likhachev's article "Love to read!" The academician pays much attention to the issue of choosing books. This should be done consulting with knowledgeable people, with existing reference books of various types, read both classical and modern literature, the main thing is not to rush to every fashion book.

Thus, I can conclude that when choosing fiction, one should be guided not by a colorful cover and fashionable tendencies, but by expert advice. Such, for example, are our school teachers.


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