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How the orders and bans of society affect the life of a person is the question over which I.A. Ilyin. (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

How the orders and bans of society affect the life of a person is the question over which I.A. Ilyin.

The author regrets to tell us that the person is imperfect, therefore in his life "needs outgoing prohibitions", which sometimes need to be reinforced by force. Nevertheless, such orders and laws can only provoke external, forced submission and hypocritical "love" for imposed values.

The position of a publicist is easy to determine.

I.A. Ilyin believes that such prohibitions can successfully regulate only the external life of a person. But fire inside the soul can not be arbitrarily ignited or extinguished: internal beliefs, love and faith do not need orders.

From the point of view of the author it is impossible not to agree. No matter how harsh or humane laws were, there are things that do not need interference from the authorities: you can not make you love, you can not forbid believing ...

In this regard, recalled the saddest story of love "Romeo and Juliet." Young lovers could not be together because of enmity between their families. Shakespeare proved that true love has no prohibitions and obstacles. Romeo and Juliet did not stop loving each other, their feelings became only stronger. The cruel prohibition to love led to a tragedy - a young couple died.

Centuries have passed ... And history repeats itself ... In the drama of A. Ostrovsky "Thunderstorm" married married not for love Katerina and could not experience this feeling for her husband. Despite all the prohibitions, passionate and pure soul, the young woman reached out to Boris Grigorievich, to a stranger, a stranger. The meeting of these people led to tragedy: Katerina is passing away, Boris is unhappy, Tikhon is morally crushed ... And only the hypocritical and soulless Kabanikh continued to repeat in those dramatic days about the unnecessary laws of Domostroi.

As we see, orders and prohibitions concerning the inner peace of man do not make anyone happy and sometimes lead to tragic consequences.

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