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How a person should treat crimes that he knows about is the question that FA Sokolova is thinking about. (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

How a person should treat crimes that he knows about is the question that FA Sokolova is thinking about.

The author tells about the teacher of the orphanage, who became an eyewitness of unscrupulous stealing by the director of this institution. All the employees of the institution, including the head teacher, knew about the outrage and were silent ... Thus, they became accomplices. In the author's opinion, "silence is even worse than stealing." FISokolova sure: catch the manager "at least once someone's reproachful look, hear the word of condemnation from the lips of their colleagues, nothing would happen." Proof of this is the clash of a thief and a young educator who denounced a man in theft.

The position of the publicist is not difficult to determine: you can not remain silent, knowing about the crime committed on your eyes.

I share the view of F.A.

Sokolova. Indeed, we have no right to conceal crimes, because this contributes to their prosperity. The manifestation of evil must be suppressed. Unfortunately, few do.

On the Internet, I read an article about a young cardiologist Ivan Hrenov, who, with his bold act, showed how to treat the manifestation of evil. At the risk of losing his favorite job, the doctor told the whole country about the decay state of medicine in the Ivanovo region. He caught in the lies of officials from the Ministry of Health, who deceived the country's leadership and ordinary patients. That's how each of us should act, seeing evil and committing crimes.

Another vivid example of a man who seeks to stop evil and expose him is the famous Australian journalist Julian Assange. He revealed to the world the truth about hundreds of crimes that occurred during wars in Afghanistan, Iran, Somalia, as well as declassified many documents of the Pentagon, about the violent actions carried out by American soldiers against civilians during military conflicts. Realizing that he is exposing himself to danger, D. Assange was unable to keep silent about the crimes known to him. Of course, the journalist's action is more significant and more important than the fact that the teacher of the orphanage stopped the steward who stole the bucket of sugar, but at the heart of the actions of these brave people lies one thing: one can not remain silent knowing about the crimes committed in your eyes.

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