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As a person should treat nature - that's the question that G.Chernikov discusses. (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

As a person should treat nature - that's the question that G.Chernikov discusses.

The author reveals this problem on examples from everyday life, when a person is punished by the forces of nature through his own fault. The publicist is convinced that most catastrophes are due to slovenliness and careless attitude of man to nature. G. Chernikov urges us to reflect on our carelessness and not to attack each year "on the same rake."

The position of the author is quite simple: a person must carefully treat the environment and monitor the health of devices and devices in order to avoid tens of thousands of disasters.

I can not disagree with the opinion of the author.

Indeed, many forces of nature are under the control of man, and if they still harm us, it is only through the fault of people. This was repeatedly written by Russian writers and publicists.

The hero of the novel IS. Turgenev "Fathers and Sons" Yevgeny Bazarov denies the beauty and power of nature, he believes that "nature is not a temple, but a workshop, and the person in it is an employee." Turgenev's nihilist forgets that nature is his own and the only house that requires careful treatment of himself.

But the heroes of the essay AI. Pristavkina about the builders of the excavation carefully treat mother nature. Despite the fact that there should be no trees left at the bottom of the future reservoir, no one: no loggers, no tractor drivers, no bearded girls, no hands were raised on the beautiful birch tree. "Only looked, " people admired it and fires farther away ...

Thus, I can conclude that we, people living in the 21st century, must take care of nature.

inflict a penalty or sanction on (someone) as retribution for an offense, especially a transgression of a legal or moral code.

I have done wrong and I'm being punished for it

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