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What is the dramatic nature of the fate of a clever, sincere person in the era of stagnation? This is the problem over which N.V. Gorlanov. (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

What is the dramatic nature of the fate of a clever, sincere person in the era of stagnation? This is the problem over which N.V. Gorlanov.

The author of this text painfully describes the fate of the Soviet teacher Elena Nikolaevna. N.V. Gorlanova tells how mercilessly treated truly sincere and intelligent people in the era of stagnation, as this teacher was survived from an elite school. And she went to work in the school of working young people. But even after leaving her, she was loved by former students, just as she loved them ...

Later Elena Nikolaevna was forced to leave her native land, to know all the hardships of emigration, to feel nostalgia for Russia.

The author's position is clear: "We did not love at that time that the person stood out with his mind and sincerity ..."

I fully agree with the writer's opinion: there have been times in our history when they cruelly treated clever and sincere people who stand out with the mind and independence of judgments.

A vivid example of a man with a dramatic fate can serve as a Russian academician, physicist Sakharov. He was one of the creators of the hydrogen bomb in the USSR, and when he saw the destructive power of his offspring, he became a fierce supporter of disarmament. And this was not forgiven by the authorities. An ingenious creator, an active fighter for peace, was sent to the provinces without letting his plans be realized ...

In D.Granin's novel "Zubr" it is told about the dramatic events connected with the history of biological science in the USSR, which affected the fate of the main hero of the book, a scientist of world renown Timofeev-Resovsky. He is forced to live in Germany, although he is very homesick. Many times the Bison (his friends and disciples call him) was ready to return, but he listened to NK Koltsov's voice: "... you are sure to get into a scandalous story with your character and please go to the North." And he continued to work in Germany. "The Bison seemed to be forgotten, they did not summon the embassy, &񗜻&񗜻they did not anathematize. In Europe, he remained for all a major figure in Soviet science ... "And he dreamed of returning to his homeland.

Thus, I can conclude that in Stalin's times and in the period of stagnation there were a lot of people who stood out with intelligence and sincerity, but were endowed with tragic fate.


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