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Who is guilty of bribery in the modern world - this is the question over which M. Cherepanov reflects. (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Who is guilty of bribery in the modern world - this is the question over which M. Cherepanov reflects.

The author, talking about the trip from Novosibirsk to Adler, regrets how the passengers of the train, not realizing that, give the conductor a bribe of fifty rubles for charging the phone without even asking "whether it is registered in the list of services on the doors ...

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coupe fee »For using the outlet. "But it's not prescribed!" M. Cherepanov believes that such disorder of people is the main reason for bribery in the modern world. Man absolutely accidentally becomes guilty of sprawling, as octopus, phenomenon of bribery.

The author is sure that in "corruption rampant" the "giver" is as guilty as the "taker". Not defending their rights, being led by the provocation of bribe takers, we encourage them to extort money at every opportunity.

I completely share the point of view of Mikhail Cherepanov: for a long time people have encouraged bribery only because they did not fight and did not even try to resist it. This is more than once written by Russian classics.

I remember Nikolai Gogol's comedy The Inspector General, in which the officials, trying their best to hide the outrage in their city N, happily "borrowed" money for the imaginary auditor. For them, such a way of settling the problem is so natural that it does not cause a single remorse in their souls. Here they are, the first culprits of bribery!

In another of his works, the poem "Dead Souls", N.V. Gogol wrote in short but unusually expressive strokes a portrait of Ivan Antonovich Pitcher's Rifle, which can be safely called a symbol of Russian bureaucracy. Already the pose of the hero eloquently testifies that only a bribe can draw his attention. Having received it, the official immediately begins to talk with Chichikov "polaskovee, promising not to delay the design of the case. Ivan Antonovich is not just a bribe taker, but an experienced artist in this craft. You need to be a real virtuoso in order not to "notice" the money put in front of him, but immediately cover them with a book. In this gesture - the whole character of Ivan Antonovich, the smallest cog in the system of bureaucratic apparatus. Yes, and P.I. Chichikov is not at all surprised at the methods of the virtuoso bribe taker, because in fact he himself is the same.

Thus, I can conclude that the person giving a bribe is as guilty as the one who takes it.

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