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Why do we carelessly take our own lives? This is the question over which Mikhailov reflects. (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Why do we carelessly take our own lives? This is the question over which Mikhailov reflects.

In this text, the author argues that some of us "ineptly and thoughtlessly" refer to "this wonderful miracle" called life. To light-minded drivers who do not cherish every day, N. Mikhailov contrasts the life of a cripple from the birth of Grigory Zhuravlev, who, having neither arms nor legs, could still find his place in society. He painted icons, then painted the church. This sometimes brought physical suffering, but Grigory Zhuravlev did not give up and achieved his goal, fulfilling his "destiny" on earth.

The position of a publicist is not difficult to determine: many of us do not understand the great value of life.

That's why it's so easy to waste it on trifles.

I fully share the author's point of view. Indeed, people often exchange their lives for empty deeds, frivolous and dangerous undertakings, do not realize the enormous value of the miracle granted to them. But there are absolutely amazing personalities who do not want to live life in vain. This is a lot of talk in the press, they write on the Internet.

He knows what life is and how expensive it is, a legless Paralympic, Alexei Chuvashov. Evaluating life as a struggle, this unharmed man, struggled from the first minutes after a terrible operation to remove his legs and achieved his, he not only participated in the Paralympic Games, but also at the closing ceremony of the Paralympics went up the rope in front of thousands of people. Here is the moment that proved that if a person wants to live fully, then for him "the impossible is possible".

On the Internet, on the Petersburg Diary website, I read an article about Yulia Samoilova who, despite her severe illness (she was unsuccessfully vaccinated against poliomyelitis and was disabled), sings from childhood, does not lose optimism and even created her own city &񗜻&񗜻own group. Julia decided to try her hand at the television project "Factor A" and took second place there, after which she began to actively tour the country with concerts. At the closing of the Paralympic Games, the girl performed a beautiful song for the audience.

Drawing a conclusion, I want to say that those who do not know grief and suffering lightly treat their own lives.

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