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What is the role of memory in the modern world? This is the question over which Matros is reflecting. (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

What is the role of memory in the modern world? This is the question over which Matros is reflecting.

The author, remembering the Great Patriotic War, thanks God for the fact that a new generation of people is growing up, for whom the events of the past war are nothing more than a "fighter-horror film". But in order to preserve the world "for their generation and the generation of their children, " writes Matros, "people should not live without looking back." What does the author mean? The fact that everything that reminds us of everyday life World War II, the memory of those grandiose events, of the feat of the people in the holy war fades away.

The point of view of the author is not difficult to determine: in order to reign peace on Earth, it is necessary to preserve the memory of the past in order to affirm the principles of philanthropy and friendship in his lessons and examples.

With the opinion of L.

Matros it is difficult not to agree. The role of memory in the modern world, full of cynicism and misanthropy, is extremely great.

A vivid example of the fact that memory played and plays a huge role in people's lives, I find in the story of A.Chekhov "Student". Ivan Velikopolsky, a student of the theological seminary, telling the parishioners on the eve of Easter about the evangelical episode of Peter's betrayal of Jesus, sees how unusual the reaction of these women is: they cry bitterly ... The seminarian realizes that the memory of the past is inextricably linked with the present.

In the work of V. Rasputin "On the Kulikovo Field" the problem of memory also rises. Entering the sacred land of the Kulikovo field, where Rus freed from slavery, defended itself as a nation, the hero of the essay was amazed at its feelings and sensations. So close and obvious was the event that happened several centuries ago, that he felt like the presence of his ancestors, his connection with them.

Thus, I can conclude that the role of memory in the life of society is enormous.


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