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Why a person should strive to form a habit of work, is the question over which M.Shaginyan reflects. (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Why a person should strive to form a habit of work, is the question over which M.Shaginyan reflects.

The author reflects on the fact that modern people have an easy and empty attitude to time. If it was filled with practice, repetition, study, acquisition of work skills, then the skills and skills of young people during this time would become stronger, become a habit. How many of my contemporaries lose, without having learned to think, without having acquired the habit of working, studying, doing something from early youth, and not wasting time!

Author's position is not difficult to determine: M.

Shahinyan believes that it is important not only to "cherish the honor from the youth" but also "to appreciate the time", it will bring huge incomes in old age, bring under one condition: if a person has a daily habit of work.

It is difficult to disagree with the author's opinion: the characters are born in the process of hard work, caused by a sincere desire to comprehend, to realize, to achieve what is sought. Even Alexander Pushkin said that without effort he could not be able to "fearlessly sincerely draw the content of his poetry from the depths of his soul."

Recall the product of N.V. Gogol's "Portrait", in which the author narrates about the tragic fate of the talented artist Chartkov, who gave high hopes. But the wealth that fellowship him prevented this from happening. Chartkov was famous, but his paintings were mediocre, he just executed the will of the customer. Without effort, his talent, so noticeable at first, simply disappeared.

A vivid example of the fusion of talent and diligence is the work of the writer Leo Tolstoy, who devoted his entire life to literature. The great prose writer did not imagine a day when he would not have written something. His novel "War and Peace", a huge volume of volume, the author rewrote seven times! And this contributed to the fact that this work has become so popular in Russian and world literature.

Thus, I can conclude that every person from the young should be formed daily habit of work.

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