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What allows a person to remain human in inhuman conditions is the question that EG Makarova is thinking about. (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

What allows a person to remain human in inhuman conditions is the question that EG Makarova is thinking about.

The author reveals this problem on a concrete case from life, telling how the artist Fridl falls into a concentration camp. The woman does not think about herself, she tries to help the small prisoners of Auschwitz. EG Makarova admires the feat of Friedl, who "created the pedagogical system of spiritual rehabilitation of children through drawing." It is clear that the guys were scared in the camp, but next to them was their drawing teacher, who at a terrible moment, "naked, cut", stepped along with them into the gas chamber.

The position of E.

Makarova is not difficult to determine: even in the inhuman conditions of Auschwitz, there were such bold and humane people as Friedl.

I share the author's point of view: it is in extreme conditions that the human appears in man. This has been repeatedly told in books, on radio, on television. I will give examples concerning teachers.

The whole world knows about the feat of Polish pedagogue Janusz Korczak, who died in a gas chamber with his pupils, who did not leave the children, despite the proposal of a fascist officer. And how many teachers accepted death, remaining unknown to the world?

Remember the story of Vasil Bykov "Obelisk", a replica of the teacher Moroz: "I will still fight for them. How much I can, of course. " These words of Ales Ivanovich proved prophetic. He really did everything he could for his students: the children went to the execution together with their teacher. Undoubtedly, Alexei Moroz understood that the promise of the fascists to release the guys who had organized a sabotage on the road with the goal of killing a local policeman, if their teacher appeared, was a lie. But he did not doubt either: if it does not, the enemies use this fact against him, discredit everything that he taught the children.

Thus, I can conclude that man will remain a man in inhuman conditions, will power, mercy and generosity.


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