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In the final episode of Alexander Pushkin's story «The Stationmaster», the problem of repentance is posed. (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

In the final episode of Alexander Pushkin's story "The Stationmaster", the problem of repentance is posed.

Sin and repentance ... The eternal human problems raised in the "Book of Books" - the Bible. "Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand, " it says. But not all people live according to Christian customs: they sin, and they forget about repentance, therefore this moral problem remains relevant.

AS Pushkin, talking about the "beautiful lady" who visited the grave of the old superintendent, as if puts an end to the narrative: the daughter of the poor old man did not forget him, specially came to her native places.

Upon learning of her father's death, Dunya came to the cemetery and for a long time lay not the grave of the man whom she had so heartlessly destroyed. Here it is, a minute of repentance ...

I think that the author, regretting his hero, still pities a little and justifies his frivolous daughter: the reason for her betrayal is Love to a beautiful hussar ... I do not think, however, that there is no Done for forgiveness. Neither love, nor war, nor natural disasters should be for us an obstacle in the exercise of the main moral duty, duty to the parents.

Unfortunately, many sons and daughters forget about this. Let us recall the heroine of the story of K.Paustovsky "Telegram" Nastya. What prevented this smart, beautiful, kind woman from visiting an old, sick mother, at least somehow brighten up her lonely old age. No, I did not brighten up ... Probably, just like the heroine of Pushkin, Nastya, when she came to the cemetery, lay for a long time on the grave of her mother, she called her beloved, she prayed for forgiveness. But the author does not describe this scene to us, apparently considering that the daughter of the old teacher did not deserve it.

How many of my contemporaries, rich and poor people who do not care about their parents, give the feeble old people to special boarding schools did not deserve forgiveness. These grown children, apparently, forgot that parents, except for a clean bed, bowls of soup, need warm words, mutual understanding and love of children born and raised by them ...


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