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Humanism is the central problem posed by the well-known Soviet writer Konstantin Simonov in the text. (Сочинения ЕГЭ английский язык)

Humanism is the central problem posed by the well-known Soviet writer Konstantin Simonov in the text.

How much humanity exists, so many moral categories go alongside: philanthropy and cruelty, kindness and anger. "Humanism is the only thing that probably remains of the nations and civilizations that have gone into oblivion ..." - wrote A. Tolstoy.

The author, a participant in the Great Patriotic War, a writer who created unforgettable war canvases, admires the feat of the Yugoslav old lady Maria Jokich. Hungry, weakened, deafened by an explosion, an old widow considers it her duty to bury a Russian soldier.

She is not afraid of shots, nor ruptures of mines ... The most expensive thing that a woman had, the wax candle she had kept from her wedding day was stuck in the head of the grave of a Soviet soldier and ignited by a widow.

I follow the author's head in front of the heroine of K. Simonov.

The act of a Yugoslav widow reminded me of the story of a Russian woman Maria, the heroine of the novel "Mother of Man" by V. Zakrutkin, who not only repeated the feat of Maria Joki&覿, but also morally surpassed her. In one of the cellars of a burned native village she found a wounded German soldier. The woman's first desire was to kill him, to kill because the Germans ruthlessly destroyed her husband and son, all the fellow villagers were enslaved, but the heart of the mother, the woman's good heart, did not allow Mary to do this. She courted the German soldier, and when he died, she mourned for him as her own son.

In world history there are a lot of similar examples. Let us recall Henri Dunant, an ordinary Swiss entrepreneur, who was shocked by the result of the terrible massacre organized by Napoleon's troops. He raised to the aid of the wounded all the local residents. "We are all brothers, " cried Henri, helping both the Italians and the French. Later, Henri Dunant organized the World Red Cross and Red Crescent Society, which provides assistance to the needy in our day.

Thus, humanism lived and lives in the souls of good people ...


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